Dear Friend,

Your family is changing so fast, isn’t it? Your children (and yes, they will be your “children” even when they’re married and have kids of their own) are growing up, and becoming more like adults every day. Don’t you wish you could just “freeze time” and hold these special moments forever?

My name is Scott, and capturing wonderful family memories is what I’ve devoted my life to. I’m a professional family photographer, but more than that, I’m just like you... I’m a family person.

We Can Stop The Clock. Memories Are The Most Valuable Thing We Own. Can you relate to this at all? I wake up every morning and wonder where the time is going. Do you ever do that? Have you noticed that, the older you and your children get, the faster time seems to fly? I’m very lucky - I get to see my grown-up daughter Daun and my grown-up son Dow with his kids on a semi-regular basis. They both live here in Great Falls too. But there’s one thing I regret...

I Would Give Just About ANYTHING IN THE WORLD To Have A Fine Family Portrait Of Daun, Dow, My Wife And Myself...

This is going to be hard to believe. I’m a professional photographer, and I never had a family photograph created of my family before my wife died.

What I wouldn’t give to be able to go back in time, and capture those moments. That’s one of the reasons I became a professional photographer - I want to help other families hold on to their family memories forever, and never regret not having a family portrait done.

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